We are a group of hard-working people with vision and purpose. We are committed to growing and improving our ability to stand out amongst our peers and competitors in the areas of product variety and customer service. We look forward to working with you!

A designer and distributor of functional and decorative bronze sculptures, statues, animals, children, fountains, and monuments.

We specialize in bronze products and demand the finest quality and workmanship from our foundries and studios. We service a wide range of customers including individual collectors, architects, promotion and marketing groups, landscape architects, galleries, schools, charities, municipalities, restaurants, and professional decorators.

Our capacity to produce traditional and custom pieces in bronze allows us to offer our customers the right design in the right material at the best possible price. We offer excellent prices on quantity production runs and custom castings. We can produce quantity runs of figures based on your sample or create custom pieces to suit your needs (minimums required).